The Cocheras del Puerto Interpretive Centre



The Cocheras del Puerto Interpretive Centre is located opposite to the Muelle de Levante Loading Bay and inside the Parque de Zafra Park, opposite to the lake of the Park. The centre consists of three naves with a great patrimonial interest – they were conceived in 1909 by Francisco Montenegro, Manager of the Harbour of Huelva. They used to be locomotive garages in the past, but today they are an interpretive centre which tries to explain the effects of the Industrial Revolution and mining exploitations in Huelva. They are also used as a cultural centre where theatre, music, and dance shows are held.

The Building

The building has three naves – the central one higher and wider than the lateral ones –separated by ogives supported by whitewashed pillars. The ribs of the rib-groined vault also converge in the pillars, where they become roll mouldings. The upper floor between the central nave and the lateral ones has reminiscences of the triforia typical from Gothic cathedrals.