La Calatilla Reception Center



The visitor's center Anastasio Senra is located in an area of ​​the Odiel's Marshes Natural Park also known as Calatilla. The existing exhibition both inside the building and in its surroundings allows the visitor to delve into this extensive system of tidal marshes associated with the mouths of the Tinto and Odiel Rivers. The sample reflects the importance of this wetland for the survival of many species of birds that, in their migratory routes, stop in this environment, one of the best preserved in Spain.


The different ecosystems that give shape to Marismas del Odiel are found in Anastasio Senra, giving special emphasis to the relevance of the tides in the formation and dynamics of the marshes and the abundant fauna, especially marine and ornithological that lives here. Data are presented on the enormous biological productivity of these ecosystems, as well as the relevance for the management of their special location on the edge of an urban area subjected to all kinds of productive activities. The role of the network of environmental volunteers of the Paraje in the different wildlife monitoring and environmental education activities is highlighted and the protected space is presented through a multimedia system in which the protagonists are the people who carry out activities inside it. The visitor will be able to make a retrospective on the marshes and their historical artistic heritage centered on Tartessos, Saltes and the discovery of America. The exterior of the building presents an interpretive itinerary that gives continuity to the Center, which runs through a large plot with a botanical itinerary, lagoons with bird observatory, demonstration nursery of native vegetation, etc. Close to the visitors center and to complete the day in Marismas del Odiel, there is the Calatilla recreational area and the signposted Calatilla de Bacuta path, which is entered into the industrial salt pans, as well as the path of the traditional salt works of Bacuta, endowed with ornithological itinerary, observatory, viewpoints and interpretation center of the salina.

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