Prepare your visit


Huelva has recently become one of the most interesting Andalusian cities for both Spanish and foreign visitors. Our city is an ideal destination for a long weekend or a summer short trip if you are visiting the coast. Here, you will find many different attractions.

If you are preparing your first trip to Huelva, this basic advice will be useful for you – it will permit you have a first idea of what you will have here.

Huelva is a city to be walked around. You can see almost the whole city on foot or by car in a maximum of 30 minutes. Huelva has a number of pedestrian streets, which make it an ideal place to have a walk, go shopping, and chat with friends in bars and cafés. You will be able not only to go around the city on foot but also by bus or taxi – there is even a tourist taxi service. Your visit to Huelva should focus on four main themes.

1. Huelva’s condition as capital city of the vanished Kingdom of Tartessos, which has left numerous archaeological pieces which can be admired at the Museum of Huelva.

2. The British legacy from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, which has left us the most important buildings in the city – do not forget to visit the Rio Tinto Co. Loading Bay!

3. Huelva is a greatly important place to learn about the Discovery of America. After a five minute drive, you may visit the Muelle de las Carabelas (‘Harbour of the Caravels’) and the Friary of La Rábida, which witnessed Columbus’s departure.

4. Huelva’ five-star gastronomy – do not forget to taste its famous shrimp, Iberian cured ham together with other types of cured meat from the Iberian pork, strawberries, and the excellent wines of El Condado!

We recommend you to download the Tourist Guide of the city via Bluetooth and all the materials of this website before coming.

Huelva is a safe city to have a walk, with cheap shops and a wide range of bars. Like in the whole of Spain, siesta is slept during the first hour of the afternoon. However, some shops do not close at midday.

Finally, get close to our estuary with the catamaran service to see the sunset. The combination of the range of colours – mauve, purple, and orange – together with the Marismas del Odiel Natural Site at the background is spectacular. You will see the same scene at the foot of the Chapel of Our Lady of La Cinta, the Patron Virgin of the city.