How to get around


como moverse huelva

You have several options for travelling in Huelva. You can either rent a car – especially if you wish to travel around the whole of Huelva – or take a bus at the bus station of Damas S.A.

There are 9 city bus lines in Huelva together with a cycle track. This cycle track connects the city with the La Bota Beach, Punta Umbría, the Campus de El Carmen of the University of Huelva with the cycle track of Santa Eulalia Bridge, and the city district of Isla Chica with the main cycle track of Andalucía Avenue.

Nevertheless, you can also call for a taxi or use the city buses.


Taxi companies

Tele Taxi (10 Taxi Lines)

2 Isaac Alberic Street 21001 Huelva

+34 959 25 00 22

+34 959 26 13 13


Taxi Huelva:

Calle Alonso Pinzón, 2 2º Dcha. CP: 21001:

Tlf.: 959 24 22 22


City Buses

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