The Cabezo del Conquero


What are the cabezos?

The cabezos are a series of hills which stake out the topography of Huelva and give it a unique, singular aspect. They have been, are, and will always be the symbol of the city.Their remarkable importance is based on the great influence which they have had on the history and the urban development of Huelva.

They are ground elevations which reach heights of almost 60 metres in some cases. They appeared during the Cainozoic – 66 million years ago – due to the great quantity of sediments laid out on the area where Huelva is located today – between the estuaries of rivers Tinto and Odiel. This has caused the topography of Huelva to be very rugged, with elevations and hollows all over its territory.

The cabezos are the hallmark of the city. They give it its form and make it recognizable both from the inside and the outside – that is, not only the local who has a walk along the street, but also the outsider who enters the city for the first time. You can see cabezos or cabezo rests from any city entrance.

The Cabezo del Conquero – A Symbol of Huelva

The Cabezo del Conquero is one of the most important touristic resources in Huelva. The city has remarkable natural resources, including stunning landscapes.

El Conquero is one of the most exceptional places in Huelva. From the magnificent hill, one can see wondrous views – near towns like Punta Umbría, Aljaraque, Corrales, and Gibraleón and the northern zone of the estuary of the Marshes of the Odiel.

With a fandango in Alosno which was sung by Paco Isidro

A popular song says: «Sevilla tú eres muy grande Pero Huelva te ganó Con un fandango alosnero Que Paco Isidro cantó En lo alto del Conquero.»   (Seville, you are great indeed, But Huelva beat you and won With a fandango in Alosno Which was sung by Paco Isidro On the top of El Conquero.)