Market of El Carmen



The former Market of El Carmen, located at the district of El Carmen, was opened on 20 December 1868 and soon became one of the most iconic, relevant places in Huelva. Nevertheless, its size shortcomings eventually became obvious due to the great population growth throughout the twentieth century.

The New Market of El Carmen, which was built close to the former one, was opened on 9 February 2010. This new building is bigger, more accessible, and more hygienic. As a proof of it, we may point out some examples such as the bigger number of toilets or the permanent cleaning service. The market has an extension of 30,000 m2 – 5,900 of them are used for selling products. The 189 specialised stalls, which are bigger and better-equipped than those in the former market, offer a wide range of meat, fish, fruit, and vegetable products, but there are also some stalls which sell other products – flowers, herbs, and so on.

The modern features of the New Market of El Carmen and the width of its aisles – which give a sensation of broadness – are very easy to appreciate. The facilities of the New Market are equipped with the latest innovations, and its trading spirit makes it grow more and more. Finally, the market has become one of the most relevant tourist points in Huelva.

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