Live Huelva


Huelva is a coastal city whose mild climate and topography made it possible for many local and foreign cultures to settle here.

The sea has always been Huelva’s way of life as it was used for transporting minerals from the mines at the northern mountains through Huelva. This was a great stimulus for civilizations – Phoenicians, Greeks, Punics, Romans, and especially Tartessians – to settle here as said before. All of them left an indelible trace on the subsoil of the city.

Huelva is a city to be lived. In this new century, Huelva looks at the future and its challenges with hope. This makes it one of the most dynamic, influent cities in Andalusia.

Huelva is a city which looks both at the future with hope and at its past without nostalgia. Nevertheless, the city has learnt to value its cultural patrimony, starting with its tangible property and ending with another great treasure – its people, always friendly, open, tireless, and in love with their city, which renovates itself to adapt itself to their necessities. Because of this, Huelva is a touristic city which welcomes visitors with open arms to offer them the very best of itself