Art and Culture Original

Original Huelva Tourist Route

Discover the cultural and artistic essence of Huelva with this exciting Art and Culture Original Tour. Get ready for an unforgettable cultural journey that will connect you with the artistic expression and identity of the people of Huelva. This itinerary will take you to explore the cultural and artistic treasures of the city while getting to know the local identity and traditions.

From the Fundación Cajasol space dedicated to the meeting of local artists and creators, where contemporary art exhibitions, concerts, conferences and cultural activities for all tastes are held; to the Outdoor Photo Gallery that capture the essence of the city and its people and bring charm to the streets of the capital of Huelva. Exhibition Halls, the APH Chocheras… Enjoy art and culture in the city of Huelva!

Discover the Art and Culture Original Route in Huelva

Cajasol Foundation

It is an institution committed to the cultural and social development of the community. Through various projects and events, it promotes education, art and citizen participation, enriching the lives of the inhabitants of the region.

Las Cocheras APH

They are an emblematic space that hosts cultural activities and events. These former streetcar depots offer a unique setting for exhibitions, concerts and artistic gatherings, contributing to the cultural life of the city.

Province Hall. Exhibitions. Provincial Council.

The Sala de la Provincia in Huelva, managed by the Provincial Council, is a space dedicated to cultural and artistic exhibitions. It offers a showcase for local and international artists, fostering artistic appreciation and cultural exchange in the community.

Sala Cantero Cuadrado. Exhibitions. University of Huelva.

The Sala Cantero Cuadrado at the University of Huelva is an exhibition space that promotes artistic and cultural dissemination. It exhibits works by local and international artists, enriching the educational experience and stimulating interaction between different disciplines in the university community.

Outdoor photo gallery

It is a creative space that exhibits photographic works in an accessible way in public spaces. It captures the essence of the city and the diversity of urban life through captivating images, providing a unique artistic experience for residents and visitors.

Espacio 0

Art gallery and exhibition hall which also has an art academy where courses in drawing, painting, graphic design, etc. are given.

Caja Rural del Sur Foundation

Exhibition hall located in the old Botica street, today known as Alcalde Mora Claros.

The Grand Theatre

It is an emblematic cultural center in the city, inaugurated in 1923. Its neoclassical architecture stands out with its cushioned facade, large stained glass windows and Corinthian columns. Its functionalist interior was adapted for the cinema, and after a remodeling in the 1980s, it continues to be an important space for the performing and audiovisual arts.

Live art and culture in Huelva

Creativity, artistic expression, exhibitions, cultural encounters, galleries, museums, exhibition halls… Plan your trip to Huelva including a visit to the city’s main spaces dedicated to art and culture. From contemporary art to historical legacy, Huelva embraces artistic expression in all its forms, providing opportunities for emerging and established artists to share their work with the public.

Immerse yourself in culture and art in the capital of Huelva, an inspiring and dynamic place that nourishes the creative soul of its inhabitants and visitors. We are waiting for you!

Museums, exhibition centres and art galleries of Huelva

  • Huelva Public Provincial Library.
    Avda. Martín Alonso Pinzón, 16. 21003 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions. Visit website.
  • Canal Sur Huelva.
    Huelva-San Juan del Puerto Road, km. 6,36. 21007 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions of painting and photography. Visit website.
  • Casa Colón.
    Exhibition Hall (Sala Iberoamericana and Sala de los Brazos), Plaza del Punto, s/n. 21003 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions. The Ibero-American Film Festival is organised here. Visit the Casa Colón website.
  • José Luis García Palacios Cultural Centre.
    Caja Rural del Sur Foundation. C/ Alcalde Mora Claros, 6. 21001 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions. Visit website.
  • Centro de Recepción del Puerto de Huelva.
    Avda. de Hispanoamérica, s/n. 21001 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions. Visit website.
  • Centro Social de La Gota de Leche.
    Paseo de la Independencia, 47. 21002 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions.
  • Leon Ortega School of Art.
    Avda. Miss Whitney, 56. 21003 HUELVA.
    Cultural activities. Visit website.
  • Espacio Ruben’s.
    Plaza de las Monjas, 2. 21001 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions. Visit website.
  • Facultad de Ciencias Experimentales.
    C/ Dr. Cantero Cuadrado, 6. 21071 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions. Visit website.
  • Galería Espacio 0.
    C/ Miguel Redondo, 52. 21003 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions and artistic training. Visit website.
  • Gravina Art Centre.
    C/ Rábida, 16. 21001 HUELVA.
    Centre for the promotion of the plastic arts with temporary exhibitions and academy. Visit website.
  • Hotel NH Luz Huelva.
    Alameda Sundheim, 26. 21003 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions. Visit website.
  • Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud I.A.J. Huelva.
    C/ Rico, 26. 21001 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions. Visit website.
  • La 13, Dadá Trouch Gallery.
    C/ Berdigón, 3. 21003 HUELVA.
    Multidisciplinary gallery on the absurd, surrealism, trochodadaism, created as a creative laboratory. It is made up of Samir Assaleh, Felícitas Coronado, Inma Fernández, Arturo García, Lorenzo González, Marcos Gualda, Isabel Hidalgo, Manuel Hidalgo, Mario Marín, Raquel Martín, Rafa Pérez, Víctor Pulido, Eveline Rodríguez, Lirian Ruciero and Manuel Vázquez. Visit website.
  • La Ecléctica
    C.C. Aqualón. Avda. Hispano América, 4. 21001 HUELVA.
    Point of sale of graphic works (lithographs, engravings, serigraphs, original illustrations or prints, photographs,…), small sculptures, artists’ books, books with love, fanzines, poetry and restored furniture. Visit website.
  • La Ruta. Huelva Youth Centre.
    C/ Salamanca, s/n. 21004 HUELVA.
    Permanent exhibition hall and performing arts space. Visit website.
  • Provincial Museum of Huelva.
    Alameda Sundheim, 13. 21003 HUELVA.
    Permanent exhibition dedicated to archaeology and fine arts. It also has temporary exhibitions. Visit website.
  • La Grosera Patisserie.
    C/La Fuente 10. 21004 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions. Visit website.
  • Obra Social Cajasol Exhibition Hall.
    C/ Puerto, 10. 21001 HUELVA.
    Exhibitions of painting, photography and visual arts. Visit website.
  • UHU Rectorado Exhibition Hall – Cantero Cuadrado.
    C/ Dr. Cantero Cuadrado, 6. 21071 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions. Visit website.
  • Exhibition Hall of the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Huelva
    C/ Puerto, 37. 21001 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography and architectural projects. Visit website.
  • Plus Ultra Exhibition Hall of Fundación Cajasol Huelva.
    C/ Plus Ultra, 4-6. 21001 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions on visual arts. Visit website.
  • El Comercial Exhibition Hall of Fundación Cajasol Huelva.
    C/ Jesús Nazareno, 12. 21001 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions on visual arts. Visit website.
  • Province Hall of the Huelva Provincial Council.
    Avda. Martín Alonso Pinzón, 9. 21003 HUELVA.
    Temporary exhibitions. Visit website.
  • Sala Gaudia Fotografía.
    C/ Palos de la Frontera, 13. 21003 HUELVA.
    An exhibition space for dialogue and meeting between photographic artists, the public, agents and collectors where the works are shown as an integral part of the working space of this law firm. Visit website.

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