Berdigón 14. Typical seafaring house in Huelva

In the city of Huelva, where all that is reflected is modernity, a small house in C/ Berdigón nº 14 stands out as the only reminder of the times when our ancestors used to shellfish in what today we call the center.

The house dates from the 15th century approximately. Its construction even predates the Church of the Conception. It is a typical seafaring house that in its time was located on the front line of the marsh. At the back, its cobbled floor with rounded edges was used by sailors to raise the boats from the pipes, where the berdigón or cockle was seafood.

In the interior a singular stairway, worn by the passage of time, takes us to the upper part where there is a folded and a room with a small window that communicates it to the outside.

This is where grain, sausages, dried fish, etc.,were kept or stored. When the tidal descent begins to give amplitude to the land, the courtyard is built, with red clay floors. Its walls covered with jasmine flowers and bluebells fill the spring evenings with fragrant scents.

Berdigón 14. Casa típica marinera en Huelva

Its restoration began in 2003 by Mr. Francisco Suarez Vaz. It was inaugurated with an exhibition of paintings by the Huelva painter Juan Carlos Castro Crespo. Today, after Francisco gave it a more modern touch, it has become a bar where the same charm persists as before, using its spaces for exhibitions, literary gatherings and different events.

Visit Berdigón 14. Typical seafaring house

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