Cristóbal Colón Monument (Plaza de las Monjas)

Cristóbal Colón Monument is a statue on a pedestal dedicated to Christopher Columbus, the work of sculptor Elías Rodríguez Picón. It was inaugurated on January 20, 2011 in the Plaza de las Monjas in the capital of Huelva, during the festivities of San Sebastian.

The set consists of a patinated bronze sculpture of about three meters high and a stone pedestal of four and a half meters. The sculpture shows an image of the admiral in accordance with the traditional image of the Discovery of America, facing Martín Alonso Pinzón Avenue, with high boots and sword, carrying a flag of the Crown of Castile in his left hand and pointing with his right hand towards the sea, across Vázquez López Street. He hangs a medal of the Virgen de la Cinta, patron saint of Huelva, around his neck. The flag is topped by a parish cross symbolizing the role of the Catholic Church in the Columbus project.

The author, consulting historiographical documentation and the paintings housed in the Monastery of La Rábida, conveyed the strength, security and self-confidence of the discoverer after a very long voyage in which everyone doubted that he would reach land.

Monumento a Colón, Plaza de las Monjas

The pedestal is a square column of brickwork, covered with stone and set on stone steps.

This monument symbolises the Columbus exploits and the Huelva of discovery.

Visit Cristóbal Colón Monument

The monument is located in the Plaza de las Monjas

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