Huelva City Hall: History

The Huelva City Hall is located in the Plaza de la Constitución. The building was constructed by Alejandro Herrero. Work began in 1942. For years, work on the municipal building progressed very slowly due to the difficulties in finding materials. On 10 November 1949, the mayor announced that the new Town Hall would be open to the public for five days.

Art in the Huelva City Hall building

The façade of the City Hall is in the neo-Herreran style It stands out for its severe horizontality, achieved thanks to the balance of the forms, preferably cubic, which are symmetrically arranged in the structure. They have wooden roofs covered on the outside with slate and side towers topped with pyramidal spires ending in pointed spires. Stone and brick were also used in its construction; granite and marble were also used in the most sumptuous parts. At the top of this building we can also see a clock built in Miranda de Ebro.

Ayuntamiento de Huelva

The mayor’s office consists of an office, a secretary’s office and a visitors’ room. There are also offices for the deputy mayors and councillors. A council chamber, a reception hall for representations and a large assembly hall for extraordinary sessions, conferences, etc., have been built. The latter measures 190 square metres and can be joined to the other two for large receptions. The central courtyard is Andalusian in style, with arcades on marble columns on the ground floor and baroque balconies on the upper floor.

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