Canoes Pier

The Canoes Pier owes its name to the traditional boats, popularly known as canoes, which make the journey between Huelva and Punta Umbría. They were for a long time the only means of transport between the two towns, until a road was built in 1964.

It is located on the Muelle de Levante quay, next to the Odiel estuary and just a few minutes from the city centre.

Today, the canoes are still in operation during the summer season. The river route between Huelva and Punta Umbría takes approximately 40 minutes and offers spectacular natural views of the Natural Park of the Odiel Marshes, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

A 16-metre high, 26-tonne sculpture presides over the entrance to the Canoes Pier. Designed by the artist José Noja, it is entitled El nudo del Puerto, and symbolises the links between the Port of Huelva and Huelva society.

In the area surrounding the Muelle de las Canoas, as well as various port facilities such as the fish market and the shipyards, there are green areas such as the Jardines del Muelle and the Parque de Zafra.

Visit the Canoes Pier

The Canoes Pier de Huelva is located on the Muelle de Levante.

Open 24 hours a day.

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