Conquero Viewpoint

Located in the Cabezo del Conquero, its viewpoint offers spectacular views of the city and its estuary as well as an interesting range of leisure and dining options.

The Cabezo del Conquero, Huelva's identity

The Cabezo del Conquero is one of the most important tourist resources of Huelva. We have natural resources with high landscape power.

El Conquero is one of the most privileged sites in the city of Huelva. From the magnificent hill you can contemplate wonderful views. You can see nearby towns such as Punta Umbria, Aljaraque, Corrales and Gibraleon. Of course you can see the northern part of the estuary of the Odiel Marshes.

With a fandango Alosnero that Paco Isidro sang…

A popular coplilla says “Sevilla you are very big but Huelva won you with a fandango alosnero that Paco Isidro sang at the top of the Conquero”.

Mirador del Conquero

What are the cabezos?

The Cabezos are a series of hills that mark the topography of the city of Huelva and give it a unique and singular aspect. Their special importance lies in the notable influence they have had on the history and urban development of the city.

They are elevations of the terrain that reach almost 60 meters in height in some cases, and that arose in the Tertiary period, due to the great contribution of sediments caused by the special location of the space that today occupies the city of Huelva, between the estuaries of the rivers Tinto and Odiel. This has resulted in the topography of the Huelva capital being very rugged, with elevations and depressions throughout its territory.

They are the city’s hallmark that distinguish and characterize the appearance of the city. They make it recognizable from inside and outside, that is, not only to those who walk through it, but also to those who approach it. From any access to the city you can observe the presence of a hill or the rest of it.

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