Equestrian tourism in Huelva

Equestrian tourism in Huelva invites you to immerse yourself in a world of elegance and tradition in the heart of Andalusia. Discover the natural beauty and deep-rooted equestrian culture in a series of truly exceptional experiences. Whether riding along golden Atlantic beaches, exploring rural trails or immersing yourself in the rich history of equestrianism, Huelva stands as a dream destination for equestrian tourism enthusiasts.

The equestrian tradition in Huelva dates back centuries. The love for horses can be appreciated in the most traditional events such as fairs and pilgrimages, where equines are the main protagonists. The emblematic purebred Spanish horse, known as the Andalusian, is a fundamental part of Huelva’s culture. Visitors have the opportunity to connect with these majestic animals through horseback rides through Huelva’s beautiful landscapes. Whether exploring the trails of the Doñana National Park or riding along the Atlantic coast, equestrian tourists can experience nature at its most authentic.

Huelva has an exceptional tourist infrastructure for horse lovers, including high-quality stables and equestrian centers. Take part in riding lessons, guided rides and even Spanish dressage courses, immersing yourself in traditional skills and techniques. If you want to know and enjoy Huelva on horseback, consult the following guide and live an unforgettable adventure.

Where to do equestrian tourism in Huelva

Where to do equestrian tourism in Huelva

Club Hípico Deportivo La Jara

Description: Among the activities of the Club Hípico Deportivo La Jara are: Ponny-Club, Basic Riding, Advanced Riding, Dressage, Show Jumping, Therapeutic Riding,

Equine Therapy, Equine Therapy, Children’s camps… Therapeutic Riding, Equinotherapy, Children’s Camps…

Address: Ronda Exterior Norte. Camino de La Jara s/n. Road to Vázquez Díaz Hospital.

Centro Hípico al Paso

Address: Road HU-3101 direction La Ribera.

Paseo a Caballo Campo Mar Ecuestre

Description: Horseback Riding In Punta Umbria. Horse Rentals, Guided Tours, Horseback Riding…

Address: Picadero, Autovía de la Luz, 21100 Punta Umbría, Huelva

Telephone: 622 522 458

Turismo Ecuestre Doñana

Description: Horse Riding Routes adapted for all levels, Carriage Rides, Riding School, Special Events, Lodging…

Address: Zona Hípica Baldíos del Rocío

Lote 175. El Rocío (HUELVA)

More information: www.turismoecuestredonana.com

Teléfono: 644 221 434

Rutas ecuestres Doñana

Description: Equestrian tourism excursions

Address: C. Sanlúcar, 77, 21750 El Rocío, Huelva

Telephone: 687 572 850

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