TOP 10 Tapas in Huelva

Going out for tapas in Huelva is a tradition for its inhabitants and a “must” for tourists and visitors. With an exquisite gastronomy based on seafood, vegetables and Iberian pork, the capital of Huelva boasts wonderful places where you can enjoy traditional and innovative tapas.

We invite you to embark on a tasty gastronomic tour as we take you through the most authentic and charming corners of the city to discover the best tapas that Huelva has to offer. From classic Andalusian flavours to innovative creations by local chefs, we’ve selected ten must-try tapas that you have to try.

Get ready to delight your palate with this unforgettable experience full of flavour, tradition and Huelva hospitality!

10 essential tapas to try in Huelva

Cuttlefish meatballs in sauce

We continue with one of the star products of Huelva’s gastronomy: cuttlefish. Cuttlefish meatballs in sauce is another of the city’s best-known tapas. So much so that it is represented in the Andalusian Gastronomy Library.

Two wonderful restaurants to try this tapa are El Portichuelo and Restaurante Azabache.

albóndigas de choco

Fried cuttlefishes

The “pescaíto frito” (fried fish) is a tradition in Huelva and cuttlefish, the gastronomic product par excellence of the land, even more so.

There are many bars where you can eat a good tapa of fried cuttlefish. We can recommend Bar Juan José, also famous for its tortilla de patatas; Bar Paco Moreno; or Cervecería La Ría.

White prawn

The white prawn is another of the star products of Huelva’s gastronomy. Boiled or grilled, they are a perfect appetizer to accompany a cold beer or a Condado white wine.

There are many bars and restaurants where you can taste good prawns in Huelva. For example, Cervecería La Ría, Restaurante Macha, Restaurante Azabache or Bar Entre Amigos.

gamba blanca
tollos con tomate

Tollos with tomato

A tapa that you will probably only be able to try in this region. Tollos are a typical product of Huelva. They are made from dogfish loins dried in the sun at sea on fishing boats and are sold in shops and in the market along with other salted fish.

A traditional recipe to try them is with tomato and the Bar Casa Miguel, located in the Mercado del Carmen is well known for this tapa.

Enzapatás beans

Another very typical appetizer from Huelva is beans ‘enzapatás’ or ‘enzapatadas’. A dish of humble origins but perfect with a beer before lunch or dinner.

A well known place to eat them is the Bar Los Cuartelillos.

habas enzapatás

Raya with paprika

A very typical recipe from all over the province of Huelva. Raya with paprika is made with fresh, quality fish, which makes it always an excellent tapa.

A typical place to taste it is the Bar Casa Miguel, the Taberna El Lepero or the Restaurante Pepe de la Rosa.

Coquina clams

The coquinas are another essential delicacy that you must try on your visit to Huelva. This bivalve mollusc with its mild flavour and pleasant texture is a delight for children and adults alike.

The Azabache restaurant is famous for its coquinas, as is the Bonilla Brewery, which has 3 locations throughout the city.

jamón ibérico

Iberian ham

No podíaThis list of TOP 10 Tapas of Huelva could not miss the delicious Iberian acorn-fed ham. A unique product, typical of the mountains of Huelva, which is hard to resist.

To try a good ham in Huelva you can go to the Azabache Restaurant, the Portichuelo Restaurant.

Mojama from Huelva

Many also call it the “ham of the sea”. Tuna mojama is a very typical type of salted fish from Huelva that is served in thin slices with or without extra virgin olive oil. It is a very tasty appetizer that is usually accompanied with beer or white wine.

Some places to try mojama in Huelva are the Portichuelo Restaurant, the Cervecería y Marisquería “Er Chiclanero”, the Cervecerías Bonilla or the Cervecería El Gallo Negro, which also has several establishments in the city.

hamburguesa Hnos. Rodríguez

The hamburger at Hermanos Rodríguez

Finally, although it is not a typical dish of Huelva’s cuisine, the hamburger, lomito or perrito at Hermanos Rodríguez is an institution for the locals. A kiosk located in the Plaza de las Monjas, ideal for a snack and to regain strength to continue visiting our city.

Where to try the TOP 10 Tapas in Huelva?

Consult the map for the different points indicated to taste the best tapas of Huelva’s cuisine.

Where to try the TOP 10 Tapas in Huelva?

Consult the map for the different points indicated to taste the best tapas of Huelva’s cuisine.

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